What does an Army Chef do?

An army chef will normally:

  • Prepare food for soldiers in a variety of situations

  • Construct field kitchens using improvised tools and equipment

  • Learn how to prepare both rations and gourmet food


An army marches on its stomach, so chefs are among the most vital British Army personnel. After receiving the same basic training as all British soldiers, chefs are given special instruction in how to keep their comrades well-fed – whether that means producing a five-star banquet at regimental headquarters or improvising a meal without fire or pans in a war zone.



One great thing about this career is that you can get started right away! If you're interested in becoming a chef, make a start by helping your family in the kitchen and start watching cookery programmes on TV and YouTube. You’ll soon start picking up some of the basic skills needed to prepare food for others.

Taking a food technology GCSE is a good way to gain more culinary skills too – and you’ll get a good introduction to the basics of food hygiene. But that’s a nice-to-have, not a must-have. To become an army chef you don't need any formal qualifications. You will pick up plenty once you start!