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167 Army reserve chef

British Army Reserve Chef

An Army marches on its stomach, and it's the Chef’s job to give soldiers a balanced and healthy diet, at home or overseas. You cook for everyone from new recruits to royalty, producing tasty meals in static kitchens or on the move in the field. Expert training teaches you how to cook nutritious meals, whatever the circumstances.


Female Chef

Private Smith

I'm at college and I love how the reserves works around my free time and provides me with a additional income.

Chef in the Kitchen

Sgt Clarke

I was in the regular Army for 12 years, I left because I wanted to start my own business. The reserves allows me to stay in touch with old friends, train when I want. 

Smiling Chef

Cpl Du

I've spent 14 years in the reserves, I am a professional chef and love  going away and cooking all around the world with the Army

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